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Phosphoric acid as well as its salts, the phosphates, are widespread in nature and serve all living beings as an important source of phosphorus. Phosphates play a very important role in food production and are therefore permitted as various food additives. They are obtained from phosphorus-containing minerals, the apatites. The main deposits are in Africa, USA, Russia, China and Saudi Arabia. Phosphate resources are limited. Our phosphates are produced in Europe.

Properties & advantages

Phosphates are difficult to replace in food processing due to their multifunctionality. They act as complexing agents, emulsifiers, acidifiers & regulators, melting salts, colouring agents, antioxidants, separating agents, strengthening agents & baking agents, energy sources, protein modifiers and are used for enrichment. 

Products & application 

Our portfolio covers the most important applications:
E-Nr. Designation Function Segment
E338 Phosphoric acid Acidifier, -regulator Beverages
E339 Sodium phosphates: Mono-, Di-, Trisodium phosphate (MSP, DSP, TSP) acidity regulator, emulsifier, complexing agent, antioxidant, melting salt Beverages, cream products, coffee whiteners, milk powder, milk drinks, processed cheese
E340 Potassium phosphates: Mono-, Di-, Tripotassium phosphate (MKP, DKP, TKP) like E339, where sodium should be replaced  like E339
E341 Calcium phosphates: Mono-, Di-, Tricalcium phosphates (MCP, DCP, TCP) acidifier, acidulant regulator, raising agent, complexing agent, emulsifier, yeast food, calcium source, separating agent  bakery products, enrichment, cream products, coffee whitener, milk powder, milk beverages 
E450 Di- or Pyrophosphates: Disodium- (SAPP), Trisodium-, Tetrasodium- (TSPP), Dipotassium-, Tetrapotassium- (TKPP), Dicalcium-, Calciumdihydrogendiphosphate Antioxidants, Baking Agents, Emulsifiers, Firming Agents, Complexing Agents, Acidity Regulators, Melting Salts and Stabilizers, Protein Modification  Meat Products, Processed Cheese, Desserts, Ice Cream, Bakery Products, Potatoes
E451 Triphosphates: Pentasodiumtriphosphate, Pentapotassiumtriphosphate (STPP, KTPP)  like E450 Meat products, processed cheese, desserts, ice cream 
E452 Polyphosphates: Sodium- (e.g. SHMP), Potassium-, Sodiumcalcium-, Calciumpolyphosphate like E450 Meat products, processed cheese, desserts, ice cream 
none Ammonium phosphates: Mono- and Diammonium phosphate (MAP, DAP) food for yeasts and bacteria Fermentations: beer, wine, lactic acid, citric acid, etc., dairy, pharmaceutical industry 


usually 25 kg bags, also possible: Big Bags, loose and customized.

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