Smoke flavourings

General information

Since time immemorial, smoke from hardwoods has been used to enhance the taste and shelf life of food, be it meat or fish. Today, when millions of people demand this enjoyment, the use of hardwoods alone would make production more expensive and place an enormous burden on the environment. This is where smoke flavourings come in. They offer all the advantages of smoke without its undesirable side effects.

Properties & advantages

Within smoke flavours there is a multitude of products with different smoke flavour profiles and different colour intensities. The products are manufactured on the basis of beech wood.
Individual solutions are possible (phenol content, colouring, acid content, defoamer).
  • Typical beech wood aromas - no change in consumer habits
  • Constant smoking results at the customer's site due to easily adjustable manufacturing process
  • Economical processes through the use of concentrated products
  • The high degree of purity guarantees an almost emission-free operation - thermal post-treatment of the exhaust air is no longer necessary!

Application & use

Main process for smoke flavourings

  • Fine pressure nozzles: in conventional cart/smoking chambers or for sausage products and fish
  • Diving: for continuously operating manufacturing processes
  • Direct mixing: for the production of smoked spices, cheese products, sauces and snacks

Dosage from 0,25 - 0,80g per kg sausage meat.

Food law aspects & certifications

proFagus is PEFC, ISO 9001 and ISO 50001 certified. The smoke flavours offered are Halal and Kosher. Strictly in accordance with the European Flavour Directive.
According to the Austrian food book, the use of regenerated smoke must be declared as smoking. When mixed in directly, the declaration recommendation is "smoke aroma".


Available in packs of 10L and 25L on 600 kg pallets or a 1000L IBC.

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