Vitamines, nutraceuticals & minerals

General information

For vitamins, nutraceuticals and minerals, we cooperate with the American company Wright. Wright is a family-owned company that has been specializing in food fortification for more than 100 years. In addition to constantly expanding access to important raw materials for fortification, interesting refining technologies have been developed to make the valuable nutrients more and more bioavailable.

Technologies & advantages

SUPERCOAT® – MicroencapsulationCoating with various materials to withstand extreme process conditions, achieve delayed release, mask unpleasant tastes or odors or extend shelf life.
SUPERTAB® – Special granulation
For direct tabletting.

SUPERBLEND® – Customer-specific mixtures
Premix solutions for weighing safety and ensuring homogeneity and flow properties.

Products & use

Vitamins - Nutraceuticals (Extracts & Active Substances) - Minerals - Trace Elements -
Amino acids - Omega-3 fatty acids
These essential nutrients are used in combination with the above technologies to fortify beverages, cereals, muesli bars, sports nutrition, baby and pet food and in dietary supplements and lifestyle products.

Food Law Aspects & Certifications

All European food law requirements are fulfilled. Wright is HACCP, cGMP, FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 certified. Most raw materials are Halal, Kosher and Non-GMO, often also suitable for vegan and organic products.


In principle very individual, also batch packing possible. Standard packaging is the 20 kg sack. Liquid mixtures in canisters or drums.

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