Lactic acid & lactates

General information

Lactic acid is an organic acid produced from carbohydrates by bacterial fermentation. With
Jungbunzlauer we have a strong innovative partner who can offer high quality and especially pure lactic acid and its salts from a modern factory in the heart of Europe.

Properties & advantages

Lactic acid is an acidity regulator with a mild acidity and taste-enhancing properties. The
The main difference to other known food acids and their salts is their antibacterial activity, which is due to various mechanisms. While lactic acid lowers the pH value, can easily penetrate unwanted microorganisms and therefore has a bactericidal effect, lactates have bacteriostatic properties due to their buffering effect and reduction of water activity due to their high water-binding capacity.

Application & dosage

Application Product Function Dosage
Meat products LA Decontamination of intestines and fresh meat 2-4 %
  SL, PL
Pathogen control, freshness and colour retention, enhancement durability and water retention
2-4 %
Dairy products SL, PL
pH regulation in cream cheese, yoghurt, butter and
Margarine, coagulation of ricotta
0,02 - 1,5 %
Bakery products LA Acidification and taste enhancement of sourdough 0,5 – 1,5 %
  SL, PL Water binding in bread and cakes 0,5 – 1,5 %
Sweets LA
Mild long-lasting acid taste and reduction
the reduction of gelatine in fruit gums and others
1 – 2 %
  SL buffering effect, reduction of sugar invasion in hard candies  0,5 – 1 %
Snacks LA, SL
Reinforcement of cheese, tomato, onion, spice,
and meat taste
0,5 – 1,5 %
Sauces, ready meals
Mild pH regulation, MHD extension in mayonnaise, dressings, ready-made sauces, dishes, salads, dips, marinades
0,1 – 1 %
Noodles, Rice SL Water binding, MHD extension for cooked noodles and rice  0,5 – 2 %
Decontamination of freshly cut vegetables and fruits, 
MHD extension of pickled vegetables, olive fermentation, acidification and taste improvement of marmalades
0,4 – 2 %
Drinks LA
Improvement of taste and MHD in fruit and vegetables
and light drinks, beer and wine
0,05 – 0,5 %
  SL, PL Electrolytes in sports and wellness drinks 0,02 – 0,2 %
LA… lactic acid 80 %, SL… sodium lactate 60 %, PL… potassium lactate 60 %


Food Law Aspects & Certifications

Lactic acid, sodium and potassium lactate are "quantum satis" food additives in the EU. Jungbunzlauer lactic acid and lactates meet the purity requirements of the European FCC and are ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, Kosher and Halal certified and GMO free.


Full truck loads, 1,200 kg IBC containers, 250 - 270 kg drums, 25 kg/35 kg canisters - other containers on request.
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