Donauchem GmbH

DONAUCHEM GmbH is a member of the DONAU CHEMIE Group. Their precursor was founded in 1828.

Our principal activity is trading in chemical commodities in order to supply commerce, industry and municipality in Austria.

In the field of commodities a comprehensive selection of diverse product qualities are available to our customers.
A range of specialty chemicals covers demands in the areas of food, pharma, paints and coatings industry.
Our Mixing & Blending department is able to produce for any individual request particular compositions for our partners.

Furthermore, Donauchem offers a wide range of services including waste disposal as well as judicial and technical consultancy.

Apart from Austria, Donauchem is also represented in Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania. These subsidiaries offer analogue business activities and are closely connected with each other. This allows coordinated and efficient market coverage paired with best service.