Specialty Products

In addition to trading in commodities, Donauchem is an expert in distributing speciality chemicals.
Our focus lies on:
  • raw materials and additives for the chemical and plastics industry
  • raw materials for the paint and varnish industry
  • detergent and cleaning agent industry
  • Paper, leather and textile industry
  • building materials industry
  • cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry

In addition to the support you receive by our technically adept sales team, we offer technical service through our research and quality management department and provide you with assistance in the development and preparation of formulations, with all documentation being handed over to you.
  • Synthesis raw material
    Synthesis raw material

    We offer synthesis raw materials for chemical synthesis.

  • Flame protection
    Flame protection

    Flame retardants for various applications in the chemical industry.

  • Waxes

    We have an extensive portfolio of waxes for the chemical industry.

  • Additives

    Benefit from our extensive portfolio of various additives.

  • Plastics

    Many producers rely on Donauchem as an efficient distribution partner for their products.

  • Rubber

    Our special portfolio for the rubber industry.

  • Silicone products
    Silicone products

    Extensive portfolio of silicone oils, silanes and siloxanes.

  • Activated carbon
    Activated carbon

    We offer various qualities of activated carbon from Donau Carbon's own production.

  • DonSan Disinfectants
    DonSan Disinfectants

    DonSan Disinfectants for professional use

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